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Pennant Systems, Inc. develops scientific software and related applications. Pennant specializes in Oracle, Data Hubs, Data Warehouses, and ETL development. Try Pennant's own Data Hub and use our free ETL technology to build your own Data Warehouse!

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In addition Pennant Systems, Inc. successfully completed the following specialized applications for various clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area:

  • A timber resource/land use system for the USDA’s Forest Service that models forest growth.
  • A biological land use database that determines the fate and transport of various environmental contaminants and the impact those contaminants might have on at risk species.
  • A C++ application to track and store sample tree and vegetation inventories.
  • Systems Analysis for Naval Weapons Station, Concord: Performed requirements analysis and database design functions in support of a database conversion task. Implemented a system-wide data dictionary in a UNIX Oracle environment.
  • Researched data mapping requirements and performed data conversion, data transfers, table creation and table loads in a successful effort to replace two Navy munitions tracking systems with Concord Naval Weapons Station’s “Total Ammunition Movement Management System” in support of the TAMMS Deployment Project.

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Updated 01/26/2006